In Case Of Emergency

If you have an emergency during our normal business hours, come directly to the Surgery. If possible, please ring us first (or have someone else ring while you are in transit) – let us know what time you expect to reach us and what the nature of the emergency is – so that we can be ready for your arrival.

In the event of an after-hours emergency, please ring 4636 2027. The number of the duty veterinarian will be available.

We share after-hours duty with Dr. Alistair Webb (Rangeside Veterinarians), so we have a veterinarian on-call, 24 hours daily, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year.

Please note:

  • The after-hours service is for emergencies only. If you have a routine enquiry (eg a price enquiry, questions about general care, etc), please ring during our normal business hours.
  • We do not come into the Surgery after-hours for wildlife cases. Please check our website or phone for advice.
  • The after-hours fee is higher than our normal consulting fee. Payment is required at the time of the call-in or discharge of your pet, so please bring your cash, cheque or credit card.

Please note: If your pet is treated after-hours at Rangeside Veterinarians, he/she will be transferred back to our Surgery the next day, as long as he/she is stable enough to travel. These arrangements will be made by the veterinary clinics involved, and you will be fully informed at all times of what is happening with your pet. You will need to pay Rangeside Veterinarians, but you will not be charged another consultation fee or transfer fees. Please feel free to discuss this with any of the veterinarians you are dealing with.