Housing requirements for Commonly Kept Reptiles

Environmental Guidelines for Common Reptile Species

SpeciesOptimal TemperatureHumidity LevelNatural Habitat
Bearded dragon35-40 deg. C10%-20%Arid, terrestrial, semi-aboreal
Blue tongue lizard33 deg. C35%-50%Arid, terrestrial
Carpet, diamond python29 deg. C35%-80%arboreal
Children's python33 deg. C35%-50%terrestrial
Eastern long necked turtle26-27 deg. C60%-90%Aquatic and terrestrial

Minimum Cage Size Requirements

Species Dimension
Lizards Length: 3x snout-to-tail
Snakes Length: 1x adult snake's
total length
Turtles Length: 5 x carapace (shell)
length, of total cage
length should be land
Depth: 2x snout-to-tail lengthDepth: 2/3 adult snake's total
Depth: 3 x carapace length
Height (terrestrial): 1.5x snout-
to-tail length
Height (terrestrial): 3/4 adult
snake's total length
Water height: 2 x carapace
Height (arboreal): 3x snout-to-
tail length
Height (arboreal): 1 x adult
snake's total length
Total height: 2 x carapace
length plus 30cms