Why Choose WTVS?

Isn’t it a real challenge, finding professionals and service providers that fit in with your family? Doctors, hairdressers, schools and vets! It can be really hard to choose a new pet care provider as there are so many around? It’s a critical decision to make sure that your pet receives the level of care that you want.

Luckily, in Toowoomba we have an abundance of services so it is just a matter of finding one that suits you and your family. All good quality vets now offer auxiliary services as house-calls, and puppy pre-schools. Most practice standards and commitment to service are excellent. So how to choose – and why choose us?

We thought we would make it easier for you by stating our philosophy of care.

1. Minimal wait times.

Appointments are routinely scheduled for half-hour intervals. This gives the vets the time to ensure we have covered all your concerns. As the next patient, it means that there is less chance of appointments running over time, leaving you hanging in the waiting room. Obviously, emergencies happen. If the vets are running behind, we will attempt to ring you to reschedule. So it is important that we have up-to-date contact details. Also, if you are not going to make your appointment, please let us know so we can reschedule.

If there is an emergency, but we can’t see you immediately, we have drop-off appointments at no extra charge. The admitting nurse will take a detailed history and you can leave your pet with us, knowing the vet will attend to them when next convenient. This helps with busy lifestyles.

2. Continuity of care.

We feel continuity of care by the one vet is very important and where practical, we aim to do this. As a small vet practice, owned by the vets, you will see the same faces every time. This provides you with a more personal level of service and a better medical outcome, something you may not always receive. We are happy for you to request a particular vet, just say so at the time of making your appointment.

3. Continuing education.

We think it is vital that all stakeholders in your pet’s health are as informed as possible. Training for our nurses in subjects such as drug releases, nutrition, surgical advances and behaviour are routinely completed in house. As vets we are obliged to keep our continuing education current. Michael has a membership in Small anial Internal medicine, allowing him to add the letters MBVSc after his degree. He has also completed year-long post-graduate courses in ultrasound, emergency care and surgery. Christine and Georgie have atended post graduate courses on ultrasound and anaethestia. Webinars on the latest innovations are often attended. But just as importantly, you need to be educated in optimum health care and tips. Facebook and newsletters keep our clients up-to-date as well.

4. Value for money.

No quality vet care is cheap but we recognise that times can be hard. Where possible we will give you a range of treatment options, estimates are available on request and we will stick within the quoted price, unless you authorise otherwise (usually due to medical complications). For those unforeseen emergencies, we offer Zip Pay, https://account.zipmoney.com.au/#/ and we are a member of Vetpay – a veterinary only credit scheme. If you are into on-line shopping for your products, ask us about our cheapest prices on-line at Obay.