Corona Virus updates


New protocols for dealing with Covid -19 


By now you will be aware that the Covid-19 situation is worsening in the Darling Downs. 

Please read our updated protocols regarding our surgery. 

We are monitoring updates and guidance from the Queensland, Australian Government and World Health Organization (WHO) to stay abreast of the latest information to keep both our customers and employees safe. 

At the moment, it appears that social distancing and strict hand washing are the best defense against the spread of this disease. This is especially relevant to our clients who may have been advised by their doctors to avoid public areas, elderly or immunocompromised clients or those in self isolation.  As a precautionary response to slow the rate of community transition of COVID-19 and to continue servicing the community, we have made a decision to put several precautionary measures in place. 

  • Only 1 client per pet will be allowed into the clinic. This does not include children.  We ask that any extra people stay outside in the carpark or car and practice good social distancing. 


  • • We are asking that clients who have recently travelled to endemic areas, or any client with a fever, active cough, or other concerning signs call us about other options to see your pet. We will accommodate your needs and can reschedule non-urgent cases or suggest potential options for your pet if urgent care is warranted. 


  • We are no longer offering grooming or puppy preschool at this time. 


  • We have always had half hour consultations but we will now not be able to book 2 vets working at the same time. We are able to extend our opening hours if this becomes a problem, which is one of the benefits of being a family owned business. 


  •  There is hand sanitiser located on the front bench and we ask that you use this on arrival and on departure. 


  • If you live in the local area, we may be able to pick up your pet if they physically need to be seen.  


  • We can also deliver medications, heartworm/flea/tick prevention, and prescription food straight to your door. We can also ship them to you. Please ring us to check availability. 


  • We have an online shop for your routine pet needs. Just apply the vet code AACE6314 to access our discounted prices. You will be eligible for all guarantees and rewards as if you had purchased them in person. 


  • We can accommodate drop off appointments for all of your veterinary needs including surgery, dental cleanings, bathing, vaccinations, diagnostic testing, illness visits, etc. We can come to your car to get your pet and bring them back out for their scheduled pick-up time. 


  •  Or if you would like to wait in your car instead of the waiting room for your in-room appointment, call us on 46362027 when you arrive. When your exam room is ready, one of our staff will alert you and escort you straight to the room. 

If the situation worsens… 

At the moment NSW and Victoria have closed all non-essential businesses but have not yet defined an essential business.  We are of the opinion that your pet’ health should not suffer during this time. 


If QLD follows suit, then we would stay open for all NON-ROUTINE cases. Ill or emergency cases would still be seen.   It may be that previous appointments for vaccination and desexing will be rescheduled or rearranged.  While there is an emergency vet in Toowoomba, they would not be able to cope with the volume of cases if all the vets shut down and they are only staffed for after hours.   


We will look into developing a teleconference alternative for NON- URGENT consultations. This  may be able to be organised via telephone, email video or skype. A phone consultation charge will be applicable. We can accommodate certain types of assessments, particularly ongoing conditions, but cannot guarantee this avenue for all patients. An in-person physical exam yields much more information to our doctors and team members. 


*If you have a pet emergency or urgent concern, please call us directly on 46362027 during normal office hours. 

Our Facebook page will be updated should there be any other change. Please follow us on  


We will do everything we can to uphold the exceptional veterinary care our pet parents and patients deserve. We hope that you all stay during this time.  Call us on 46362027 if there is anything we can do to keep your family and pets healthy during this challenging time. 




Michael, Christine and the team at West Toowoomba vets