Prices for vaccination and desexing

We get many phone calls each week, regarding the price of various services. When comparing desexing prices, please make sure you ask about the fluids and pain relief given during surgery. This can have a major impact on the safety and recovery from surgery.

Here we give a cocktail of pain relief drugs and sedatives in the first injection.  Studies show that it is better to pre-emptively treat pain.  So we start pain relief BEFORE the surgery.  During the surgery, they get intravenous fluids that also contain MORE pain relief drugs.  This also provides support for their circulatory system.  Then they get ANOTHER injection that will last 24 hours after the surgery has finished.

If the surgery is estimated to be long or very painful, we have the option to use our laser to speed healing and provide another modality of pain relief.

Microchipping prices

Dogs and Cats: $66

Cat Price List


  • Cat Castration: $125.00
  • Cat Spey: $299.50

There is a surcharge for a cat that is in heat or pregnant.

All prices include a health check, intravenous fluids containing pain relief and a further 24 hours of pain control.


Kitten Vaccinations

F3 vaccination: $110.50 each.

These should be done at 6-8 weeks, 10-12 weeks and 14-16 weeks of age.

Adult Cat Vaccinations

Yearly F3 vaccination: $110.50

All vaccinations include a full health check.

Ask us about FIV vaccinations.

Dog Price list

Dog Desexing

  • Dog Castration <10kg: $305.00
  • Dog Castration 10-20kg: $3331.00
  • Dog Castration 20-30kg: $364.00
  • Dog Castration 30 – 40 kg: $419.50
  • Dog Castration 40 – 50 kg: $441.50
  • Dog Spey <10kg: $397.00
  • Dog Spey 10-20kg: $440.00
  • Dog Spey 20-30kg: $490.00
  • Dog Spey 30-40kg: $550.00
  • Dog Spey 40 – 50kg: $610.00

There is a surcharge for dogs that are obese. We will not willingly do a spey in a dog who is on heat or pregnant. IF we find they are proegnant during the surgerty, there will be a surcharge. This reflects the extra time and risk to do the surgery. This assumes male dogs have both their testicles. Cryptorchid dogs are usually charged similar to dog speys.

All prices include a health check, intravenous fluids containing pain relief and a further 24 hours of pain control.

Over 50 kg, please come in for a quote.

Dog Vaccinations

Vaccinations include a full health check

Puppy Vaccinations

  • C3 vaccination at 6 weeks: $96.60
  • C5 vaccination at 12 weeks: $110.00
  • C5 vaccination at 16 weeks: $110.00

Vaccinations cover Parvo virus, Canine Infectious Hepatitis, Distemper and 2 forms of kennel cough. (C5)

Adult Dog Vaccinations

Yearly C5 vaccination: $121.00

RSPCA Vaccinations

Most dogs will require a C3 vaccination soon after adoption from the RSPCA. This is required to ensure they are fully covered for Parvo virus.

  • Follow up RSPCA vaccination: $94.50
  • Follow up F3 vaccination: $94

We require payment on the day – please see our policy on payment at Fees and Payment

Pre-anaesthetic bloods

A suggested extra is bloods taken before surgery begins.  These test the liver and kidney functions, rule out diabetes and inflammatory processes.  This can help identify any sub-clinical problems that we can’t pick up with a clinical exam.  It also informs our anaesthetic choices, so we can better tailor them to your pet.  This adds an extra layer of safety.  In some cases, we will require these to be done.  An example would be an elderly dog getting desexed.