Vaccine Amnesty

We all know that vaccines are required to ensure your precious pet is protected against deadly diseases.

You may not be aware that they are also important to ensure that your pet gets a full health check every year.  Given that 1 year of your pet equals 7 years of aging, making sure that we catch problems early can add year’s to your pet’s life.

Even small things like checking for any weight loss compared to previous years can help.

Our records show that your pet is overdue for a vaccination and health check.   Because we hate dealing with cat flu, parvo and kennel cough – all fully preventable – and because we see the benefits of regular medical visits for our patients we are running a vaccine amnesty.

Book your pet in for a catch up vaccine and health check between May 1st and May 15th and quote “vaccine catchup” when you book and you will be able to claim 25% off the cost of the vaccine.  This is non-transferable discount and applies only to the pet you have been contacted about.

Alternatively, if you are worried about overvaccinating, you can get a vaccine titre done first. This is not discounted.  These titres will test for a protective level of antibodies against parvo and distemper.  You still need a kennel cough vaccine for full protection as these need to be given annually, so you will receive 25% off any vaccine required.

Vaccines are required for protection against deadly diseases

You might want to check out our health care plan while you are here, to help you budget for future years